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Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care for Hendersonville, TN

Welcome to McCullough Spinal Care!

McCullough Spinal Care is a Hendersonville Chiropractic Clinic specifically utilizing the NUCCA technique, a cutting-edge upper cervical chiropractic treatment. The founders of McCullough Spinal Care, Drs. Ed and L. “Jake” McCullough, are two of a small group of chiropractors worldwide that utilize the NUCCA technique.

What is NUCCA?

NUCCA stands for the “National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association,” and the technique is a pain-free procedure that involves no more pressure from the doctor than taking your pulse. NUCCA is an extremely unique form and system that differs greatly from traditional chiropractic care. The NUCCA procedure also involves no guesswork: x-rays before and after the chiropractic adjustment ensure that your adjustment has worked and the subluxation, or misalignment, has been corrected.

Drs. Ed and L. “Jake” McCullough are respected doctors who founded McCullough Spinal Care, PC in Hendersonville, TN. Dr. McCullough trained and worked in another NUCCA Upper Cervical practice in Wisconsin. Through much prayer and meditation, they felt led to bring this unique office of the NUCCA procedure to middle Tennessee to help those people that have been suffering with chronic illnesses with little or no help from other types of health care.

Contact a NUCCA Chiropractor in Middle Tennessee Today!

Please contact McCullough Spinal Care to find out more about the NUCCA technique, to ask us anything about upper cervical chiropractic treatment, or to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Ed McCullough & Dr. “Jake” McCullough | Hendersonville Chiropractors